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tv   13 News Daybreak  ABC  January 7, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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i do. and the breaking news is coming to us out of chesapeake right now police are working a life threatening shooting at the extended stay hotel on greenbrier are elise brown just got to the scene she's gathering details right now police tell us that they are taking the victim an adult male and that he was shot inside the hotel he's now being taken to some terra nova general hospital said they do not have a motive for the shooting and of course we'll continue to follow this and we will let you know more about the story as more comes into us. this is certain is not a brick and cinder parker and ashley smith andre lucy are off this morning it's five o'clock when i get right finally we're starting to see
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that's right so what. whether action a mini dress with a crazy cold is a hot one in the transitional dare one say it's hot but we are going to be back up above normal and that's a nice change from the really cold conditions we've had for the past couple of mornings course we add little snow a couple mornings ago yesterday we are back up to the mid forties and today will be in the low fifties will certainly take it right now visibility is good around town point park. good morning to maybe get to take a little stroll this morning as you can see we have clouds but it is dry right now it is going to be mostly cloudy today we see some of those plaid showing up with a live sky view over norfolk city lights kind of reflecting on some of that cloud cover back over towards portsmouth as well so that's what's happening right now winds are north northeast at twelve mph and generally today the winds will blow between ten and fifteen so a little breezy out there but certainly not unbearable. as you can see it when there is a little cooler out towards and nephi were still looking
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most folks are in the forties this morning and the wind chills not too terribly bad as i mentioned it's a little breezy near the coast that really the winds are not all that strong as we take a look at the forecast today going to see those temperatures coming up to the forties this morning reaching a high of about fifty two degrees into the evening mostly cloudy and forty eight when to talk about chances for showers going up over the next several days. also temperatures warming into the weekend. they all about that in just a couple minutes right now in to check in on hampton in that morning ride well right now craig things are still holding pretty well out on the peninsula to zoom in now and take a look at six sixty four in hampton's the way up to sixty four interchange ongoing road work out there that will be happening until april of this year but i do assure you that because that's our only rover project working right now so quick live look as you can see for yourself how things are shaping up not much out there in terms of traffic but you will see those construction cones. watch out for that will keep you posted on how traffic shapes up
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today though crews will begin repairing damage to the chesapeake bay bridge toll after a truck drivers took out a stretch of the guard rail and he ended up in the water and this happened yesterday afternoon on the southbound side near the eastern shore. police believe the driver came up on a slower vehicle tried to pass it but ended up crashing through the guardrail. he of a tractor trailer filled with soybeans went into the bay members of virginia beach police department marine patrol unit pulled him out of the water when they reached him he was conscious he was coherent he was able to give them information. obviously he was able to tell him where he was certain what he was you know the pain he was having what condition was in a medical crew flew into the hospital he had injuries to his arm head and chest the chief of the chesapeake bay bridge tunnel police department is expected to release his name today on this morning just to go is investigating a possible attempted abduction a woman said she was trying to get
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and south norfolk yesterday morning she said a man assaulted her and pulled her from her cart she did manage to escape she says the attacker ran off police do not have any suspect information or maybe is addressing a heartbreaking issue later today suicides in the branch are up so leaders and the chaplain are going to be talking about the importance of peer intervention but maybe is not the only branch with this problem the d o d says suicides are slightly up in every branch of the military and that any suicide is quote too many officials say they continue to implement policies aimed at lowering the traffic numbers. new this morning three pastors have filed a lawsuit against the virginia republican party they want to stop the requirement that primary voters are declared that they are republicans and they say requiring a declaration violates the constitution and the state law. right now virginia voters don't register by party and anyone can vote in a primary or the state board of elections
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anyway the gop states the gop rather officials say they want to keep democrats out. meanwhile in the republican race for the white house donald trump is taking aim at a new target ted cruz texas senator is now leading trump in iowa where the first votes are cast less than four weeks from now is asking if cruz is even eligible to be president given that he was born in canada cruz whose mother is an american citizen is firing back account of u s citizen born abroad is a net reports that people will continue to make political noise about it but as a legal matter it's quite straightforward nutshell famously is that same birth issue against president obama challenging him to prove he wasn't born in kenya. trump says a judge could put the whole thing to bed but chris is not taken the bait same this issue is already settled and gma is live in iowa this morning as the candidates go head to head for voters leading up to the iowa caucuses the latest
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right after daybreak. alright i'm now five o five this controversial new video of a young girl being searched by the tsa in north carolina yet this morning why the agency is now saying its employees did nothing wrong plus that family vacation it's going to cost the low bit more now airlines are
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i temperatures this morning a little bit milder than they have been for the past several days you can see still some thirty zero in the forties for most were looking at mid to upper forties near the coasts and not too bad there was talk about a few things going on nationally can see some colder air over the northern rockies up to montana in the northern great plains hit up into one of the code is pretty chilly up that way but how the west coast they are getting hit with a lot of rain and if you haven't heard
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now it's really warm the waters out there off the coast of peru very very warm and this is a strong on the new pattern so more soaking rains for the last cuz in this entry us very heavy rain with this system is well here across and the roads were dry for the most part slight chance to sprinkle near the coast but i think we're going to generally remain dry across most of the area hatteras can see some showers and sixty one today. richmond around forty six it will be milder for our area here in the southeast part of virginia northeast north carolina. i think in general temperatures very close to fifty two officially run or fake a fifty one fifty two fifty six air in virginia beach temple is also the mid fifties for suffolk and chesapeake off to the north temperatures lower fifties and down south a bit milder upper fifties may be pushing sixty and a couple of spots temperatures will continue to warm though officially the highs tomorrow in the mid fifties in the near sixty on saturday we will see a good
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sunday. time for a look at the ride this time i know ashley's turn your attention and chesapeake what's up down there. yeah that's right craig let's head over first two are thirteen years now traffic camera just to see how things are shaping up there if you had sixty four westbound around greenbrier parkway there's a live look that much to deal with at this point in the morning eastbound traffic also moving well. so now back on the traffic network maps will take a look at the gilbert in bridgewater remind you the bridge will open at six forty this morning an update there it will actually open at five o'clock this afternoon instead of the seven o'clock and that is in the middle of the morning rush hour something to note don't forget about that i'll keep you posted on how the bridge to shape up throughout the morning or bedtime now is five eleven and president obama is preparing for his last state of the union address just six
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this morning the white house as posted on the web a message from president obama talking about his upcoming state of the union address presence as bad as he works on the address is thinking about the challenges of
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looking back on the accomplishments of his past seven years in office thinking about the road we travel together these past seven years the people i've met the stories that you share the things you've done to make change at the president will deliver his final state of the union address next tuesday night at the idea shows a gun background checks have soared in the past year checks hit a record of over three point three million in december in over twenty three million for twenty fifteen. it was the first month with more than three million since the fbi began tracking the data in nineteen ninety eight and this comes just days after the president delivered an emotional press conference calling for more stricter regulation on guns and then this morning a father says that he is outraged at what he calls an over aggressive pack down to raleigh durham international airport he recorded the incident on a cellphone a tsa agent pulled his ten year
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capri sun juice packet in a carry on the asian tested her back and a phone inside falsely tested positive for explosives. that's when the pat down started and it lasted two minutes. the dad says there has to be a better way when it comes to kids and security that was expressed that it was invasive. i was pretty much boiling you know in my head as very unhappy with that and i are as confused. tsa said in a statement its procedures allow a pat down of a child under certain circumstances and that this path downfall of approved procedures. tsa officials reiterated that this child was patted down with apparent presence that is for anyone hoping to travel in the new year the price of tickets just went up on monday delta air lines quietly raise prices by four dollars a flight didn't take long for southwest american and united airlines to follow suit. industry
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surprising since major carriers have been collecting record profits due to lower fuel costs. alright carnival season has officially started and that means it's also a king cake season. if you resolve to lose weight in the new year yielding to push back from this ultra sweet treats. king cakes are made of cinnamon filled with dough in the shape of a hollow circle that sounds good at five seventeen the morning and the glaze topping and sprinkled with purple green and gold colored sugar with a little plastic baby inside between now and mardi gras which is february nine thousand king cakes will be eaten in the big easy for lucious the sea is the one who usually brings an akin camera she usually brings in one. she is something else and has so much perspective on the right thing to say or from an orland the area down
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back soon andrea out today as well the lives it up and down the hall and that is seriously and we're giving him a hard time about the long johns he's from south florida so he really boggles up you won't need those long johns so much over the coming days because we're going to see warmer weather to get a lot of folks and if you like the colder conditions we get back to that early next week. here's the forecast for yesterday this bottle was forty four the actual was a forty six and if you are watching yes yes and we're going to bump it up a degree or so at forty five so very close to that that brings our response streak to three if you missed it over the weekend we reset that street made our way up to twenty one forecasts in a row we were really hot and we reset on sunday but today we're looking at low fifties and right around fifty two fifty three is what i should put up last night so i'll leave that up since we stuck it out there but i think if i'd be very close to fifty two tuesday afternoon. here's what we have for you can see the trends as we take you
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noon to two o'clock staying there when they hit fifty three between noon and two and then temperatures falling off later on you will note the clouds is going to be mostly cloudy day times this winter maybe a few breaks but i do expect more cloud cover later today as well. now we should be dry there could be a few sprinkles down on hatteras may be a very slight chance for stray sprinkle some more little farther north along the coast but i think in general looking at mostly cloudy skies as we go over the next couple days were touch about the trends we're seeing some that hardcover out to the west clouds to the coast as well so mostly cloudy conditions today and tonight tomorrow mostly cloudy. you see the clouds out there temperatures to go up though so today we're looking at lower fifties maybe mid fifties for some spots even warmer tomorrow mid to upper fifties and i would get close to sixty on saturday and low sixties sunday as we look out to the last friday evening there could be a stray shower to better chances for showers
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start off pretty dry saturday but i think by saturday evening you see the moisture they're out to the west it comes through and we see good chances for showers into early sunday morning as well so that's what we're looking at as we get into the weekend in the meantime we'll enjoy a little warm up temperatures thirties far inland forties near the coast and downtown looking pretty good right now at the airport the winds are north northeast it while i temperatures today will top out close to fifty two a little bit back above normal and as we look ahead fifty five tomorrow sixty on saturday and low sixty sunday temperatures falling off early next week. time for the coleman bridge ashes been doing research there what's going on right now so far so good just wanna give a live look at traffic crossing the bridge will start without traffic is shaping up here on the map you can see traffic making its way toward yorktown is at forty eight miles an hour to forty one heads north up to gloucester and as we give you quick live look at how traffic is moving out there those cars driving away from your screen there
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yorktown so not a lot of activity south or north this morning is a good part of the morning commute no big issues to report and coming up at five thirty we'll see how traffic looked over at the downtown tunnel right now though with a question form and it does smelling good booster confidence. well guess what there's a new
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get out of the past. get fios. . new this morning women's health says it will no longer use certain words on its cover the magazine ban phrases like bikini body and drop two sizes the editor in chief asks readers what they didn't like about the layout and the number one concern was phrases that make women feel like an outsider. these changes will begin with the magazine's next issue and new this morning officials at a small christian college say they will fire a professor after she said christians and muslims worship the same god wheaton college actually put the receipt hawkins on paid administrative leave last month after she started wearing a headscarf now school is near chicago and hawkins is a christian but wanted to show support for muslims. school officials say hawkins believes are consistent with the college
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one huge prize pack to one lucky viewer it is worth more than two thousand dollars be sure to tune in today return the six o'clock hour to catch today's keyword and then i have to do is go to thirteen years now dot com to enter to win the good stuff there to lead off the year all right we've got some unsettled weather coming up of the next couple of days and craig is here to make sure you're ready. that's right details on the cloudy weather today that's just ahead plus two countries taking a strong stand to north korea's claims of an h bomb the latest on how the world is responding as daybreak continues. and we're continuing to follow breaking news in chesapeake a man is fighting for his life after being shot at a hotel elise
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. and the breaking news out of chesapeake that is where police are investigating a shooting at a hotel. it happened at extended stay hotel in greenbrier circle just after four o'clock this morning elise brown is at the scene gathering the very latest elise what you tell us
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lots of police out here right now it's kind of are deceiving because it is dark but there are lots of police out here on the side of the building police say a man was shot in the building and is a fighting for his life right now police say they don't know what led up to the shooting but they are investigating just trying to figure out what happened what led up to this but we will keep you updated as of this story the blog and we are trying to get you as much information as possible live in north and elise brown thirteen use now are going to follow the story and bring you updates as we learn more about lap right now though we'd like to say good morning to you and ashley smith pan am center parc andre and lucy both have today off so let's get right over to meteorologist greg melissa greg temperatures on the rise yet we can look forward to warmer conditions not just today but over the next several days in ghana trend will be going up with those temperatures and the folks going to like it. we do
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although it is dry across syria today which should be too concerned with the clouds down to the south of these frugal showing up around the southern outer banks are just off the coast of hatteras and earlier this morning we had a couple very light sprinkles farther inland but nothing significant. and again the roads you drive the morning commute that is always good news right now winds are north northeast at twelve mph the pressure is falling thirty point two nine inches mid forties near the coast we do have cooler conditions thirties in line but it's not as cold as it has been that is a great thing for me to report temperatures will trend up a little bit highs today in the low fifties right around fifty two we could see fifty three but that's about it some of the other areas may be some inland areas parts of virginia beach away from the beach is how low to mid fifties and i think ne north carolina little bit warmer as well as far as coming days go we will see temperatures warming tomorrow mid to upper fifties in the near sixty on
5:27 am
increasing chances for rain i think saturday night into sunday pretty good chances on the back talk a lot more about that coming up in just a little bit right now going to check the roll and this time we turn our attention to north that's right critical of the traffic onto sixty four and near the downtown tunnel first as we zoom in you can see things that really nice on both sides there right now or take things off the interstate and head over to our photographer read below he's out at st paul's and brambles and you can see there the construction working in that intersection so be extra cautious if that's part of the commute right now the truck traffic is moving pretty well to the intersection was one to let you know it's still going on and something to be cautious out as you plan the day so that something is shifting about in norfolk to traffic in virginia beach coming up at five forty and now to a crime alert in norfolk where police are searching for suspects in a rash of armed robberies at least tell us three seven eleven stores were robbed in the span of two hours last night the first one on red
5:28 am
colonial avenue and princess anne road and the fur at chesapeake boulevard and fisherman's road and store it was the same place where a clerk was shot during a robbery early yesterday about that on daybreak. there's no word whether the incidents are connected connected with the suspects this description is similar so you know anything we ask you to call police and now another problem for you to suspected bank robbers are on the run after hitting a bank and leon because the county sheriff's office tells us that it happened just before four thirty yesterday afternoon at towne bank of credit act surveillance cameras captured one of those suspects but the sheriff's office is looking for two men they believe that the men got away in a white ford focus ford fusion sheriff's office has also asked authorities in virginia to be on the lookout new this morning a judge ruled that a virginia beach mother who tried to kill or sell for two children must stay in a mental hospital for another year to review here yesterday a psychologist testified he feared
5:29 am
harm herself or others. aiken has been hospitalized since june when a judge found her not guilty by reason of insanity prosecutors say she crushed prescription pills into food and fed it to her two children. he's been poisoned herself the children did survive this morning to virginia beach man has pleaded guilty to sex trafficking of a minor know this comes from our partners of the virginian pilot. according to court documents. alvin moore met a fifteen year old girl who ran away from home back in twenty fourteen of more than began using her as a prostitute at hotels in virginia beach documents indicate that the girl had roughly ten appointment today and all the money went to more he said to be sentenced in april whether to day lives but city police will hold another meeting about body cameras were told this will probably be the final public meeting on the issue sooner research committee will present policy and equipment recommendations to the chief of police the last public meeting is
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afternoon. it's at the pass with king county public safety building and out to a construction alert enough recognition to just these pictures just a few minutes ago lane restrict reductions at the intersection of remington avenue in st paul's blvd they are set to begin today with some the officer there on the street. city officials tell us that the restrictions are due to utility work by the hampton roads sanitation district drivers are encouraged to use bush and church streets and monticello avenue as alternate routes we are told the police and helping control traffic we are to solve them out there during rush hour and at work are told is expected to last until early march. alright i'm now five thirty five still to come on thirteen years now daybreak findings from a new study could save a life. yeah what. over the counter medicine researchers found could actually help prostate cancer but first a startling new study about emergency savings by now how many americans
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the temperatures right now pretty chilly for the inland areas were taking a look around petersburg right now we have thirty eight degrees forty one in suffolk right now the winds are from the north northeast and six of the lighter winds inland as we take a look
5:32 am
want to find the temperatures are milder than they have been and will welcome those mild conditions if you like the warmer weather you really like my extended forecast through the weekend but then another blast of cooler air sets up for next week temperatures in the center part of the country really chilly but we are getting a push of warmer air warmer than it was yesterday across the central part of the country here in the east coast much milder so will enjoy the warm up wet weather on the west coast wet weather this entry us would take a quick look here and i was talking about this the last half hour what you're seeing here really very typical of an el nino weather pattern and that's what we're dealing with west coast getting slammed with another system heavy rain in the central part of a country with powerful storms down across parts of louisiana and lots of rain there and then a few sprinkles just off our coast as far as our weather goes today while looking at highs in richmond around forty six it will be milder here in the southeast part of virginia and northeast north carolina in the hatteras a chance for a few sprinkles
5:33 am
be very light. highs today officially around fifty two at the mid fifties for some areas oceanic suffolk chesapeake a little bit milder in seattle around smithfield the low fifties low fifties for most of the peninsula middle peninsula northern neck upper forties to near fifty. same deal over the eastern shore at the outer banks upper fifties and we will see a lot of cloud cover across the region temperatures tomorrow mid fifties at the airport upper fifties in linn and sixty on saturday look for a move in late saturday really saturday evening into early sunday i'll talk more about that in the big drop in temperatures for next week with my next update. time for a look at the hr bt with ashley. all right we're going to take a look now at travel have right to our camera to see how things are moving on the peninsula sixty four eastbound traffic driving away from you their settlers landing road a mile away from hr bt no delays to report traffic flowing freely and as we head back to the trap of network maps now want to remind you the gilbert and
5:34 am
six forty this morning and five o'clock this afternoon on hearing about on some definitely a pickup in activity around naval station norfolk. we'll talk about that coming up at five fifty alright it is five forty one and we're following breaking news from overnight. new details about the detonation that true worldwide skepticism and condemnation the international response to north korea's claims when we sfx: rocket blasting off (ding) (dong) (ding) (ding) (ding) (ding) (ding) (ding) sfx: (countdown) 3, 2, 1 (ding) (ding) (ding)
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i do. breaking overnight south korean officials say they're now in talks with the white house to send nuclear powered u s submarines and aircraft to the korean peninsula of this comes after north korea claims it successfully tested a hydrogen bomb leaders in seoul also announced overnight that they would resume cross border propaganda broadcasts young in considers the broadcasts an act of war world leaders have condemned the nuclear test and someone new sanctions against the north look for more on this developing situation on good morning america this morning the marine corps has been ordered to come up with a plan to make its unlisted entry level training. colette and to make its job titles more gender neutral. this follows the recent move to open all military combat roles to women. last week maybe secretary davis requested a detailed plan for marine commandant general
5:37 am
memo that plan is due next friday it will be implemented by april first. new this morning the pentagon will review more than one thousand medals issued since the september eleven terror attacks are possible upgrade the medal of honor defense secretary ash carter ordered the sweeping review its total a study of military decorations to ensure the award system appropriately recognizes the service and sacrifices of service members only this morning apartment when prices are on the rise all across america street journal reports apartment rents increase faster last year than at any time since two thousand and seven publication cites a report by real estate researcher reese incorporated which found average effects. effective rents rose four point six percent in twenty fifty the report reveals the average rent right now since the late one thousand one hundred eighty dollars nationwide that is up from about one thousand want one
5:38 am
just a year ago and this morning a new bankrate report reveals more than sixty percent of americans do not have enough savings to pay for unexpected expenses that include something like a five hundred dollars car repair or one thousand dollar emergency room visit us for coming back when money gets tight americans are most likely to forgo eating out followed by reducing spending on cable or satellite tv this morning lottery officials say guess what no jackpot winner in last night's drawing for i five hundred million dollars powerball prize so here's the good news that means the estimated price for saturday's trying. it's going to go up to six hundred and seventy five million dollars is the largest jackpot at any lottery again in us history look for more on this story just ahead on good morning america and new this morning for some new concerns over night about the global economy at a chinese stock exchange shut down today for the second time this week and this is because china's
5:39 am
the currency and china's economic problems overnight dragged down u s stock futures after disappointing holiday season macy's announced it plans to cut more than forty five hundred positions and close thirty six stores nationwide. three of the stores right here in hampton roads. source the chesapeake square mall peninsula town center in hampton and military circle mall in office will all be holding final clearance sale starting next monday and yesterday's plunge in crude oil may be good news for you with crude oil at its lowest point since the recession analysts expect gas prices to drop another ten cents on the national average is holding steady right around two dollars all right thirteen years now wants to help you get a jumpstart on twenty sixteen to the daybreak team is giving away one huge prize pack to one very lucky winner. it includes a one year family membership at the ymca complimentary tax preparation two hours of financial planning and a five hundred
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that is a nice prizes attitude and are in the six o'clock hour of daybreak to catch today's keyword and then all you have to do is go to the juniors now the com and enter to win the four one seven at ymca family membership the big deal the alias ago had a great deal yeah many pools the tax preparation some spending money or crocus are great. ok yes many are outright. we're going to start i guess the week an outright with warmer temperatures mean that to look forward to. i do think a little later in the weekend those showers that it's a terrible thing we're actually starting up twenty sixteen below normal with precipitation to little bits not terrible and talking about what they are not white. weather's fine worry about anything frozen this weekend but it does turn cooler again and it's really been interesting just interacting and talking with juan even say hey you know what we need some colder weather this warm supper that
5:41 am
i agree with you. we started off pretty chilly for the past few days will warm it up above normal today in the lower fifties guys going to be mostly cloudy. we'll take a look right now at the radar in the sweep here locally is clear and in the clouds you see it is a mostly cloudy start to the day somewhat weather back across the sand for us scattered showers across missouri the rain more widespread over the southwest half of arkansas and down into louisiana the rain they're pretty intense. some of the areas down there reporting pretty heavy rainfall rates so that's what's going on down there as far as art whether goes here locally we want to get into the future cast shade the temperatures are in the forties were looking at mid forties near the coastal is mild. if you live close to the water in when there is been in the thirties this morning as we take you through the day going to see the temperatures warming up into the upper forties by nine am as we head through the noon hour low fifties and i expect that high around fifty to maybe fifty three degrees officially summer here isn't near the coast
5:42 am
bit warmer and there is a low risk of a couple of stray showers later today near the coast most of the area will remain dry but it's one be you know tending their radar little bit later this afternoon for a couple stray sprinkles. now the chances for rain will go up especially saturday night take a look here at the extended future cast and you could see the moisture kind of gathering down to the southwest and pushing through the region late saturday into early sunday there's a front that comes through here as well once that cold front pushes through will dry it out later sunday skies clearing out and then monday and tuesday much cooler so the cooler air will settle and as i mentioned temperatures mild near the coast of chile are in one hand the temperatures today will continue to warm up lower to mid fifties for most of the area so mostly cloudy temps above normal forty five tonight which is mild for this time of year and fifty five tomorrow the warming trend continues through the weekend sixty on saturday
5:43 am
then the bottom drops out again monday to tuesday back into the mid forties the middle next week. i just got word of our first accident out there let's see what ashes watch yeah that's right craig in this one is in norfolk and not too far from naval station norfolk the heads up if you take sixty four to five sixty four you can see there kind of in the middle of the screens and accidents sixty four westbound in the hov lanes at chesapeake boulevard you can see the accident has been moved off to the shoulder now intrepid improving a little bit the insides of the planes notice the backup though in the outside set. now when i head out to our photographer rick day love was actually on sixty four and he was sitting in the back about their looks like maybe he just got past that back up and headed toward a grand history maybe eventually out to bay avenue so looks like once you pass the accident scene you'll be in decent shape but again watch over those delays as you had either twenty eight rb t or toward naval station norfolk and will have the latest coming up in just a few minutes this morning a
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depression may be linked to the aged woman ghost amanda potts researchers found a longer reproductive period and menopause at age forty or older decrease a woman's risk for depression. it's believed that longer exposure to estrogen may have a protective effect against the disease experts say more research needs to be done but they do feel that the findings could help to identify women at greater risk for depression. new this morning doctors say it's good for use during heart attacks and preventing strokes and now new research shows taking aspirin regularly may reduce the risk of dying from prostate cancer a new study found while aspirin did not impact the odds of being diagnosed with prostate cancer those who took more than three tablets a week were twenty four percent less likely to die from the disease among men who already have prostate cancer aspirin use was linked to a thirty nine percent lower risk of early death and for the six year in a row the dash diet is the best overall diet for your health
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to the u s national heart lung and blood institute dash stands for dietary approaches to stop hypertension dash diet is designed to lower blood pressure with healthy grains poultry low fat dairy and nuts and you're also supposed to limit fats red meat and sugar you this moring morning which employees do you think drink the most coffee according to research is the answer if doctors orthopedic surgeons come in first radiologist come in second and rounding up the top five general surgeons neurosurgeon and neurologist those involved in studies say the amount of coffee consumed may be linked to job stress and the number of hours worked. peck says he should be on that list and i think he should. all right still to come guess what we are following that breaking news with and it continued to fall out of chess before that is where police investigating the life threatening shooting at a hotel why the late
5:46 am
. you can watch grass grow you can watch paint dry and now there's a new way to pass the time apparently you can watch a huge puddle yet is being called one of the best uses of paris go app ever almost twenty thousand people live stream of people attempting to cross a huge puddle in the uk were just enthralled as passer bys climbed onto the bank man or
5:47 am
this mammoth puddle there were some who even went swimming in it and why's it so popular what with not really sure about that but it's an internet phenomenon good morning america is going and details on the drum and have a watch that's coming up after the break added to things i don't understand art. abbott our stuff aside star wars the force awakens is now the biggest box office hit amber in the united states latest film in the star wars saga past seven hundred sixty point five million dollars in sales. earlier today or probably accidentally breaking abit ours record i consider this as well. star wars has been out for twenty days. it's a tablet or thirty four weeks to set that standard. back in two thousand nine. star wars is still gaining an abbot or in the race to be the biggest global box office hit of all time and i love the story prince george. get this on all the first day of nursery
5:48 am
these photos up a tune a half year old ready to go with his light blue backpack on twitter. the topper is attending west waco montessori school according to the palace press t these cute photos are here were taken by his mom. duchess kate is going but as the cover while tradition since the days of prince charles he so excited not let that good morning america can have more on the little royal in his school day schedule that's coming up after daybreak at seven. check this out a high tech restaurant california is unlike anything that you ever seen before there are no hostess is no waiters not even a cashier at the pizza instead. customers are greeted by reading this i pads a digital menu and rows of cubbies which are delicious swipe your credit card of an i pad and select one of the dishes which are at this restaurant are mostly cannibals. it takes about thirty seconds to place an order and within minutes that same order actually appears in one of the cubbies and masterminds behind this concept say it is all about
5:49 am
customers on the ground just a big fancy lending me the night we had that many know what the bulls the chips behind in school but yeah you're right it's been amazing. okay liao now number over raccoons bad luck is making its rounds on social media to look at this a lot of people with how cute a lot of people with bad when it lost its treatment we have the whole footage that shows a happy ending. so here's a raccoon of cotton candy but when it touches water the tree disappears the minute frantically searches for its st. he got the second try and it happens again he only managed to get a small bite there but the third time's the charm the rack you and learn its lesson. a boy. the water and fully enjoys history and love reckons it watering and dandy
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